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Fleet Management Insights: The Advantages of Hybrid Rail Fleet Tracking with GPS and CLM

GPS systems tell you where your car is. CLM-based systems tell you where it isn’t. This free guide analyzes the comparative strengths of GPS and CLM tracking management systems, and outlines the advantages of using both tools in tandem.


What strategic insights does GPS provide? How does CLM improve operational efficiency?


How precise do you need to be? What transactional data do you require? Which cars do you need to track? 


Real-time data? Historical data? Yard reporting? How can you use insights and analytics to improve decision-making, efficiency, and profitability? 

GPS Monitoring Tools 

How is GPS bring used - beyond tracking - to provide shippers greater security and peace of mind?  

The Best of Both Worlds 

What are the advantages of using CLM & GPS in tandem?  

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