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On Track To Greater Control

At GeoMetrix we want to work with you to find you the best solution possible when it comes to planning, tracking, reporting and managing your railway assets.

What to expect during your demo?

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time
  • An overview of the software as well as anything specific you would like to cover

Up to the Minute

Stay on top of the precise location of your cars and cargos – in the yard and at all points along the route – with 24/7 tracking.


Any Device

All data is hosted on our secure, cloud-based SAAS platform. Authorized users can login from anywhere.


Automated Reporting

GeoReports Live automatically emails data updates to users, customers, shippers and others with a direct interest in the delivery.


Visual Map View

GeoMetrix is fully integrated with Google Maps to provide an amazingly easy, at a glance, real-time view of your railway assets.



Current trips. Historical data. Maintenance reports. Route information. Performance measurements. Cargo. It’s all here.


Total Flexibility

Scale and customize to use as much or as little as you need. From individual rail car profiles all the way up to subfleets/fleets.

With so much functionality and so many built-in features, it is hard to describe everything the GeoMetrix platform does without inadvertently making
it sound complex. As logistical specialists, we have a solution. 

By taking a guided online or in-person tour of the platform with a member of the GeoMetrix team, you will see firsthand just how easy and powerful this fleet management solution truly is.

  • We will introduce you to the key screens that are at the heart
    of the GeoMetrix user experience: Tracking, Trips, Railcar,
    Route and Shipments. 
  • As a separate tour, we can guide you through our Yard Module. Discover a whole new world of functionality – including the ability to generate Inspection Sheets, Bills of Lading and much, much more.
  • Find out about the on-boarding, training, ongoing service and support available by partnering with GeoMetrix.
  • Discover the deep data insights at your fingertips 24/7, including automatic real-time reporting and data sharing, as well as at-a-glance user interfaces (like Map Views and drag-and-drop fleet organization) that make our system so easy to use.
  • Learn the advantages of a secure Cloud-based system that can be accessed in the office or from a mobile device for 24/7 control.

  • Explore how our reports & analytical tools put you in the driver’s seat. 

    • Receive updates of key information such as lease expiry dates or required servicing so you can keep things moving efficiently.

    • Our analytics page can be used as a powerful tool for assessing performance, negotiating freight rates, lease rates and more.

    • Monthly reports rate your fleet in 25 key categories including
      the number of loaded trips per railcar per month, and the number of days per trip.

    • Needs analysis will show you how many and what type of railcars you require, where they should be assigned, and what size of rail yards your facilities require.

Is GeoMetrix the right solution for you? Because it can scale up to meet any challenge, the GeoMetrix Platform is being used by customers with as many as 10,000 cars to those with as few as 25. Ask how our highly flexible and customizable reporting will meet your needs.

GeoMetrix is a wonderful system and the customer service is outstanding.  It is is very user-friendly and the amount of information available is top notch. They are always willing to make the product better and implement your suggestions!

Basic Metals Shipper, Fleet Size: Over 3000